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Our Mission and Vision

Corporate Status – Philanthropegie is now a registered Arizona for-profit corporation.  We are working with the fine folks at B Labs in our efforts to become a certified B Corporation.

You may recall that we were previously registered as an Arizona nonprofit corporation with an application pending for 501c3 status. Our pursuit of B Corp certification reflects our desire to serve all of you in a self-sustaining manner.  You can learn more about B Corporations here.  This is a great model for organizations of all kinds to demonstrate their commitment to social good, philanthropy, the environment and their teams.

Vision – Our vision is of a world in which your dreams for making the world a better place are coming true.

Mission – Our mission is to bring people together with the resources they need to make the world a better place.

Strategy – We believe that the best way we can make a difference, is to help you to make a difference.  To accomplish this, Philanthropegie…

  • serves three key audiences (individuals, organizations and nonprofits) who we believe can accomplish much more working together than apart;
  • makes it easy to find the resources needed for virtually anything to do with philanthropic endeavors;
  • includes resource descriptions, tips, testimonials and ratings that will help users choose the best resources for their specific needs;
  • supports users in building their own, personalized library of favorite resources;
  • encourages the exchange of information and insight through our blog and social media channels.

We can’t wait to see what happens next!

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