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Alliance For Nonprofits Washington


The Alliance FOR Nonprofits Washington is a membership association that was founded in 2000 by nonprofit leaders united in the vision of a community that values the role of nonprofits and evidences that through adequate funding, prioritization in policy setting, positive public image and active involvement of nonprofit leaders in civic and community planning.

The Alliance serves NPOs in the State of Washington as a sector-led, sector-driven association for the advancement of a powerful nonprofit sector. Policies and programs are established and directed by members, and volunteers are actively engaged in meetings, public outreach, and programs. Over the years it has consistently expanded its programs and services to meet the ever changing needs of its members.


" My experience with the Peer Coaching Program has been very important to my job. As a CFO of a nonprofit organization, I value the opportunity to engage my peers on relevant topics that only professionals in the finance field can relate too. The level of knowledge and information sharing has been critical to advancing new ideas, problem solving and building a network of support. Most importantly, everything that is covered in Peer Coaching,

I have been able to apply in day-to-day circumstances. The Peer Coaching Program is an invaluable and relevant resource."

Beth MurphyCFOCamp Fire, USA

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