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BoardServeNYC is a United Way of New York City initiative launched in response to “NYC Service – A Blueprint to Increase Civic Engagement,” Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s plan to increase volunteerism and support nonprofits within New York City.

BoardServeNYC builds the capacity of nonprofits in New York City by connecting them to a pool of prospective board members.The candidates represent a cross-section of New Yorkers of varied skills and backgrounds, all of whom are interested in joining boards.

Training the board member candidates in nonprofit governance and actively preparing nonprofits to recruit, engage, and utilize new board members are integral components of BoardServeNYC.

Tips & Tricks

  • For Interested Individuals Nonprofit board service is a rewarding experience. It is vital that nonprofit organizations recruit board members who have the dedication and skills to help them develop and achieve their mission goals, as well as meet and overcome various challenges. It is also important that those individuals reflect the diversity and interests of the community the organization serves. The guidance, experience, and input provided by an effective board is an integral part of the nonprofit capacity building process and helps to ensure an organization’s long-term sustainability. BoardServeNYC is eager to help you strengthen and diversify your board. We want to help you successfully recruit new board members to take your board to the next level and make your nonprofit organization more effective. The service is free-of-charge to participating nonprofits

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