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CompassPoint intensifies the impact of fellow nonprofit leaders, organizations, and networks as we achieve social equity together. We believe that nonprofit organizations and leaders need relevant support that builds on their strengths, experiences, and achievements and that those individuals and organizations that invest in increasing their leadership and management capacities are better poised to achieve progress.

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  • THEORY OF CHANGE NSC believes that nonprofit organizations are an integral agent in the development of communities that sustain and enrich the lives of the people within them. Through their unique ability to engage and empower people to be active on their own behalf, nonprofits serve as catalysts for positive, substantive change in the conditions that affect the lives of their constituents. Therefore, the foundational premise of our organization's work is the cultivation of an environment in which nonprofits can flourish as these catalysts of effective social change through a program model based on solid evidence-based research and practice. Our offerings are delivered utilizing a blended approach of learning modalities and resources with the intention of providing the targeted audience with both a conceptual understanding of the subject matter as well as assistance to integrate the learning objectives into the actual daily practice of their work and/or lives.

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