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EcoCards was created with the goal of saving resources while raising money and awareness for charities located around the world.

Each time you send a greeting card through EcoCards, a minimum $1* donation is made to the charity of your choice.

Create an EcoCard, then choose the donation amount and designated charity for each card sent.

Tips & Tricks

  • Think of as your go-to for sending out your long list of holiday greetings, but also a single thank-you note, birthday card, save the date, etc.
  • Instead of spending $2-4 on a paper card, you can thank someone, donate $1 (or more) to your favorite charity and raise awareness around important causes – it’s a feel good win-win!

Further Info

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"This is a great way to send holiday greetings! You have an opportunity to make an environmentally friendly decision to donate to a worthy charity."
Margaret Warpinski Debruine

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