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Grant, a site devoted to providing free resources for both advanced grantwriting consultants and inexperienced nonprofit staff*. Although at times proposal preparation may lack the creative delights of writing fiction, successful grant applications probably mean more to the universe than something published in an obscure literary magazine. Our passionate words — compressed into a few pages, rich with persuasive details, and sent to a carefully researched funding source — can construct low-income housing, provide scholarships for talented students, restore the natural environment, and bring hope to people in need.

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  • The success of grant proposals depends on four factors: Factor One: The quality of the nonprofit organization. Factor Two: The innovative nature or critical importance of the proposed project. Factor Three: The appropriateness of a funding source or the competition level in a particular grantmaking cycle. Factor Four: The skills of the grantwriter in building a compelling case. What do these factors mean? That before hiring an expensive grantwriting consultant, nonprofit organizations must realistically assess the level of service that they currently provide, the strengths of their track record, and the likelihood that a given funding need will be attractive to grantmaking

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