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HumaniNet was founded in 2002 by a group of volunteers in the United States who recognized the acute need for technology assistance to humanitarian organizations. Since then, HumaniNet has grown to become a cooperative network of over 100 field organizations, several supporting technology businesses, and a group of expert volunteers who help with research and analysis, finding the best practices, and sharing field results in global information and communication technologies, or ICT.

Tips & Tricks

  • We provide services to the humanitarian community by: 1. Actively reaching out to humanitarian organizations of all sizes and missions. 2. Demonstrating the value of researching and sharing ICT information with NGOs. 3. Facilitating deployment of ICT solutions. We have assisted in the deployment of satellite phones and terminals to over 20 countries, establishing HumaniNet as an informed and capable advisory and support service. 4. Helping NGOs to reduce costs through the HumaniNet Service Provider Program. HumaniNet has identified business partners with proven performance in supporting NGOs in the field and which offer excellent pricing and service to humanitarian teams.

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