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IdeaEncore Network ( is an online learning marketplace for nonprofits to share, buy and sell information resources (e.g.: policies, how-to manuals, presentations, plans, spreadsheet templates, etc.) that improve their effectiveness and efficiency. By aligning individual and organizational incentives, including earned income, we reduce “reinvention of the wheel” and increase both the social and financial return on philanthropic investment.

Tips & Tricks

  • Sign up for a free account at to find useful resources, both free and for sale
  • You can also share or sell your own materials to reach new audiences and spread your mission (no charge to share free items; when your items sell, we deduct 15-30% with $2.50 minimum and then send you a check for the remainder of the sales price)

Further Info

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" I love IdeaEncore’s mission of creating a marketplace…"
Paul Lamb
" I love @IdeaEncore ! Great site, great resources, nice, helpful folks…."
Alison J. Rapping

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