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At Olive Grove, our vision is a “vibrant and just society” and we choose to work with clients who are as serious and motivated about that vision as we are. We partner with strong leaders who are willing to have challenging but productive conversations that will create the momentum for transformative and holistic change.

Our services range widely and include these core services: strategy, governance, financial management, philanthropic counsel, executive search and leadership development, organizational culture and learning, and fund development.

We are introducing a new, collaborative model of consulting to the social sector – one that embraces the experience, wisdom, and the different approaches of many different perspectives rather than limiting client options to one set approach or prescription delivered by a defined set of consultants. We readily and frequently engage other firms, independent consultants, graduate students, pro bono providers, universities, and other resources that are not exclusive to Olive Grove clients. This model is rooted in a value and culture of abundance, rather than the fixed-pie mentality of protecting proprietary approaches and limiting client options.


"Olive Grove Consulting is versatile and can meet organizations where they are and take them to the next level."
Jessica MieleExecutive DirectorPerforming Arts Workshop
"The most surprising thing: it wasn’t what we did as much as how we did it. I had a sense that the process mattered, I knew I couldn’t manage the process myself because everyone had a vested interest (including me). That emotional success was really important. We facilitated greatness, made people look good."
Kim LaughtonPresidentSchwab Charitable Fund
"It is the first time we have reached out for this kind of service, but it has been great, it was helpful for [the staff] to outline the expectations, tell us what it would look like, because it was unknown to me. That education piece was helpful for me."
Michelle HeathHuman Resources ManagerBUILD

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