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Philanthropedia’s mission is to improve nonprofit effectiveness by directing money to and facilitating discussion about expert recommended high-impact nonprofits.


" Philanthropedia is a useful resource for donors or funders interested in directing their philanthropic dollars to nonprofits that are having the biggest impact in different cause-areas. Explore the reviews experts have left about each top recommended nonprofit, learn more about the work of each of these groups, and ultimately, make a donation. This resource is additionally useful for nonprofits wishing to learn about best practices in the sector, for top nonprofits to hear about their perceived areas for improvement, and for any individual interested in learning more about nonprofits working in different cause areas (when applying for a job, networking with colleagues, deciding where to volunteer, etc.)."
Erinn AndrewsDirector of Data, Research, and Partner RelationshipsPhilanthropedia at Guidestar

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