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Selfish Giving


I began in December 2004 as a digital pinboard to share all the things I had previously shared via email.

I think people got sick of getting five emails a day from me with the subject line “Did you see this?” Moving to a blog just seemed, well, easier and less intrusive.

You’ll find two important themes on my blog.

First, my goal is to give small nonprofits and businesses the tools and skills they need to execute win-win cause marketing partnerships.

Second, I believe the future of transactional cause marketing will be driven by smartphones, social media and location-based marketing.

Tips & Tricks

  • Before consulting to nonprofits and business I was the director of cause marketing for a Boston hospital. I started the cause marketing program in 2004 and oversaw a team of marketing, sales and event professionals. I’ve developed and executed campaigns with many local and national companies.

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