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The Socialbrite team is here to help nonprofits, NGOs, foundations, social enterprises, universities, and cause organizations use social media to advance your organization’s mission. Contact us to learn more and find out if we can be of help.

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  • Socialbrite provides not only consulting services but also thousands of free resources, tutorials and how-tos to help nonprofits learn how to use social media more effectively.

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" Socialbrite has helped Goodwill transform how we storytell. A year on, we have a website that looks beautiful and we actually have a full social media strategy. Now we actually interface and use the Internet to share information, engage our community, crowdsource ideas … and bridge into the 21st century use of social technology. We’re also changing how we relate to one another as a team. Everybody has been empowered to tell their story."
Kathleen MoynihanDevelopment & Communications chief

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