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A charitable outreach from VoiceNation, the full service voice communication solution provider, Care2Call provides non-profit charities like yours free access to the voice communications infrastructure they need to thrive and make a difference in the lives of others. Worthy charities enjoy voicemail and faxmail free of charge, and other specialized communication services at reduced cost to qualified recipients.

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  • The ability to effectively communicate is an essential component of any organization's success, whether it's a Fortune 500 company or a shelter for the homeless. When your charity is engaged in the process of helping others, it needs to have a well-oiled infrastructure and a plan to distribute goods and services. Both of these elements depend on communication. Care workers must communicate with those in need. They also need to communicate with administrators within their organization, and they need to communicate with each other. And communication is not just vital for a charity's ability to function; it's vital for its ability to grow. Fundraising, media campaigns, networking with federal and state agencies, all of these efforts depend on reliable, consistent and high-quality communications. It is a critical need for your charity that must be filled, and VoiceNation is proud to answer this need with the latest in voice communication technologies through their Care2Call program. What Care2Call Gives to Charities Care2Call gives charities the essential phone infrastructure they need to run as efficiently and effectively as possible. This includes a virtual receptionist. A virtual receptionist is an automated system that can route inbound calls to the appropriate person. Calls can be forwarded to any number, including cell and home phones.

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" As with any business it is imperative that phone service be a top priority. In choosing our 800 phone lines, price and customer service was a top priority. Rather than choose a traditional conglomerate whose service is frustrating at best, we chose to partner with VoiceNation who has exceeded our expectations in helping to handle the large amount of calls we receive on a daily basis. This allows us to help those in need of help immediately and bypasses sales calls and other non urgent inquiries. And every department at VoiceNation has gone above and beyond being helpful. I highly recommend VoiceNation to any business who demands the best!"
Ross EllisChief Executive OfficerLove Our Children USA

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