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Healthy Competition

Tuesday, 11 September @ 9:33 PM

I’m inspired this week by a novel approach one Dallas nonprofit is taking to draw attention to its cause. Arthur Benjamin’s American Dog Rescue has launched a competition called “America’s Best Tails” urging people to submit their stories about animals who have had a profound effect on them, or they on the animal, in one way […]

Personal Causes

Tuesday, 25 September @ 10:47 PM

My sister has a roommate from college that she has always been in awe of. One of the reasons is that while my sister was off having children and trying to keep her house clean, this friend was doing the same AND co-founding a charity to help Bulgarian orphans. Deborah Gardner started One Heart Bulgaria, […]

Teaching Moments

Tuesday, 16 October @ 9:02 PM

The fundamental challenge to promoting a cause is trying to educate about the need for action. One of the first philanthropy enthusiasts I met when I came to Dallas had started by raising both funds and awareness for neurofibramatosis. I confess I still don’t have a clear understanding of neurofibramatosis, but I remember he was […]

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