Featured Contributor: ellis-carter

How to Survive a Micro-Managing Board

Friday, 27 April @ 9:24 AM

We see this issue over and over in our practice. Far more common than the hands-off, head in the sand, rubber stamp board, is the micro-managing board. The micro-managing board members show up to their first board meeting and before they have done anything of substance for the organization, they want to revamp the reports, review the nonprofit’s […]

Diversify Your Board

Thursday, 29 October @ 10:22 AM

Corporate boards around the world are clamoring for greater diversity.  And while embracing diversity has long been lauded as the right thing to do, new data overwhelmingly shows that diversity is also good, really good, for business. For example, corporate executive teams with more gender diversity performed 21% better than their less diverse peers, according […]

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