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Tuesday, 1 November @ 11:56 AM

I am honored to emcee this year’s Orange Ball – the annual fundraiser for Orchard: Africa.

I’ve spent so many years investing my time and talents to create thriving organizations and to improve the bottom line for these organizations.  While these experiences have been rewarding, there is just something special about investing your time and talents to support organizations whose sole purpose is to improve the lives of others.

My friends at Orchard: Africa have already touched hundreds of thousands of lives in Southern Africa.  I can’t wait to see what happens with the generous donations we receive via this year’s Orange Ball.  The content below provides a little bit more information about this fine organization and the Orange Ball.  You can learn even more at

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It’s November already and the Orange Ball is only 10 days away!

We asked Orange Ball emcee and Orchard: Africa board member, Ric Leutwyler, to give us a sneak peek about what will be happening the night of the Orange Ball!

Could you explain this year’s theme?  What is it and what is the back story behind it?

Our theme this year is “Disturb the Silence”.  There are many things about the lives we touch (and hope to touch) in Southern Africa that are not easy to talk about. Young women selling their bodies to survive, children acting as caregivers for other children…because there is nobody else to do it.  While it is often uncomfortable to have discussions about these types of subjects, it is terribly important that we do.  These are stories that need to be heard…realities that need to be faced, understood, and addressed.  For this to happen, we need to “Disturb the Silence”.

What can we expect the night of the event?  

We look forward to sharing stories and setting the stage for our efforts to “Disturb the Silence”.  Our team has been on the ground in Southern Africa and hard at work back here in Arizona…pulling together several powerful videos that we can’t wait to share with you.  It will be a beautiful, memorable, and impactful evening at the Phoenix Zoo. And afterwards we can all enjoy the amazing Zoo Lights display.

What is included with a ticket purchase?

Tickets include a reception, sit down dinner, a first look at our “Disturb the Silence” campaign, a special raffle pulled together by supporters who spent time with us in Southern Africa this year, and access to this year’s Zoo Lights display.

We look forward to spending the evening with you as together we Disturb the Silence.

Purchase your tickets now!

Tickets: $50 per person (includes Phoenix Zoo Lights access)
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