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Be sure “you got personality.”

Monday, 25 June @ 5:00 AM

I had the pleasure of working with Orchard: Africa, an organization Philanthropegie founder Ric Leutwyler serves on the Board of. In exploring opportunities to raise awareness for the valuable work Orchard is doing in South African villages, we had to create a “personality” media would engage with. In addition to an outstanding Executive Director in […]

On the Lookout

Monday, 2 July @ 5:00 AM

Media begets media. Stories aren’t told once. They’re told several times, in various fashions, from multiple points of view. Opportunity for exposure lies in being on the lookout for media at its originating point, before every angle has been exhausted. A savvy non-profit promoter will monitor stories related to her area of expertise and potential […]

Control the Message: The TomKat Factor

Monday, 9 July @ 6:02 PM

How can I not post this week without a word about the scandalous break-up of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (I’m not saying it’s surprising)? In every story I’ve read and conversation I’ve had on the topic, the Church of Scientology has emerged as a major factor. Why? Because you just don’t know. I assume […]

Good Counsel and Bad Publicity

Monday, 16 July @ 7:22 PM

I wonder how engaged the public relations team at Penn State was in 2001. As CNN reported on Thursday, “An effort to avoid bad publicity ‘is the most significant, but not the only, cause for this failure to protect child victims and report to authorities.’” Bad publicity? We all know what happened there. Of course, […]

Angling for an Angle

Monday, 23 July @ 10:53 AM

The Internet was ablaze two weeks ago with video of an Afghan woman who was executed for alleged adultery. That week, I listened to a panel of experts discussing ending violence against women on The Diane Rehm Show on NPR. Additionally, the local NPR affiliate reported the same day that shelters for victims of domestic violence were fuller than […]

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