Be sure “you got personality.”

Monday, 25 June @ 5:00 AM

I had the pleasure of working with Orchard: Africa, an organization Philanthropegie founder Ric Leutwyler serves on the Board of. In exploring opportunities to raise awareness for the valuable work Orchard is doing in South African villages, we had to create a “personality” media would engage with.

In addition to an outstanding Executive Director in Michelle Tessendorf, we discovered a pint-sized devotee – Noah Callaway. Eleven-year-old Noah had been raising money for Orchard: Africa since his fifth birthday after hearing Michelle speak in his community. Every year, he would give all of his birthday money (all of it) to Orchard: Africa – he’s donated $3,500.

This last Spring Break, we brought Noah from Missouri to Phoenix and made him the face of Orchard: Africa for a week. His sweet personality landed Orchard: Africa on two morning television shows and two radio interviews, and afforded the organization an opportunity to send Noah out into the community for some personal outreach.

Noah, for his part, who had also played his guitar on the streets of his hometown to raise money for Africa, got to jam with the guitarist from Tesla on “Good Morning Arizona.” And that takes…personality.

Any other Noahs out there? Or even better, Tesla jam sessions?

2 thoughts on “Be sure “you got personality.”

  1. I love this piece, Ariel. Not only because I’m such a huge fan of Orchard: Africa, but because I believe that many nonprofits can benefit from great examples like this.

    I’m sure there are many great organizations who have a story like this to tell. I hope that your blog will help them better understand how to tell their story in a compelling manner.

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