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Resource Shout Out: Creating the Future

Friday, 24 August @ 5:25 PM

Creating The Future’s mission is to assist in transitioning the societal perspective so that dramatic community improvements become normalized behavior by the actions of social enterprises, non-profit organizations, and benefit groups throughout the world. This organization has a fantastic handle on the powers of technology.  Through its use of the internet to regularly host engaging […]

Resource Shout Out: Spark Action

Friday, 31 August @ 1:24 PM

Spark Action is a great organization that advocates to the national community for children and youth.  The organization’s mission has four main components: Connect interested adults and younger citizens, regardless of knowledge on youth issues, to stories, context, accurate information, and tools for action; this encourages increased involvement and engagement so that connected individuals may […]

Resource Shout Out: Opportunity Knocks

Friday, 7 September @ 5:02 PM

Opportunity Knocks is a national online job site, HR resource, and career development destination focused exclusively on the nonprofit community. We are committed to leading and supporting efforts that help further nonprofit careers and promote a robust workforce that enables organizations to complete their missions. – Opportunity Knocks Website This website is great because it […]

Resource Shout Out: Look to the Stars

Saturday, 3 November @ 12:19 AM

Look to the Stars is an interesting resource that highlights and tracks celebrity involvement in philanthropic endeavors.   The organization aims to attract people to the efforts of the charities themselves by publicizing the positive contributions of celebrities.  Ultimately, it hopes to use a celebrity’s public value to inspire communities to become involved with charities as […]

Resource Shout Out: Catchafire

Friday, 9 November @ 4:38 PM

Catchafire has strong appeal to skilled professionals looking to volunteer their time or expertise to a cause and to organizations promoting social good that need the strength of volunteers’ technical skills.  Catchafire has successfully established a strong community base of individuals and organizations that connect with each other to create solutions and may ultimately revolutionize the […]

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