Resource Shout Out: Creating the Future

Friday, 24 August @ 5:25 PM
Creating The Future’s mission is to assist in transitioning the societal perspective so that dramatic community improvements become normalized behavior by the actions of social enterprises, non-profit organizations, and benefit groups throughout the world.
This organization has a fantastic handle on the powers of technology.  Through its use of the internet to regularly host engaging online conversations in which communiuty partners, individuals and organizations can discuss community improvement efforts, many are educated on ways to bring such improvements to their own communities and are inspired to create beneficial change.
Additionally, Creating The Future hosts Demonstration Projects to show organizations how to implement practical and attainable visionary change.  The current project is “Transparent Engagement at Creating the Future”.  This project moves actions that are usually conducted behind closed doors into the public view with as much open communication and transparency as possible.  The project will model maximum inclusivity to all within the organization, be exposed to the public through an easily accessible blog, and serve as a case study for others to learn about transparent engagement.
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One thought on “Resource Shout Out: Creating the Future

  1. Thanks for this, Jessica.

    I like the focus on transparency and seeking to engage the community.


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