Resource Shout Out: Look to the Stars

Saturday, 3 November @ 12:19 AM
Look to the Stars is an interesting resource that highlights and tracks celebrity involvement in philanthropic endeavors.   The organization aims to attract people to the efforts of the charities themselves by publicizing the positive contributions of celebrities.  Ultimately, it hopes to use a celebrity’s public value to inspire communities to become involved with charities as well.
This organization has grown from the initial efforts of a married couple to a staff of thirty.  It’s burgeoning success may partly be the result of the excellent organization of the website.  Users may look at specific charities to learn which celebrities support them or search the site by charity toipics to learn about celebrities’ philanthropic interests.  The information database
is useful for charities looking to extend their reach to new audiences and opportunities.
Look to the Stars draws attention to celebrity involvements through a collection of video clips and pubic service announcements.  The site is a fine example of leveraging publicity in modern media to reach target audiences that might

have been entirely missed prior to universal use of the internet.

If you’re interested in learning more about this resource, adding it to your Philanthropegie favorites, or submitting feedback for others to glean, please click here .

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