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Resource Shout Out: Companies for Causes

Friday, 14 December @ 9:53 AM

As a graduate student studying Public Administration, I recently had the opportunity to take a Nonprofit Leadership and Management course on Community Innovation.  This course expanded my perspective on a list of topics, one being corporate responsibility.  This prompted me to explore the list of Philanthropegie’s CSR resources, which led me to this week’s shout out: […]

Resource Shout Out: CompassPoint

Friday, 4 January @ 4:32 PM

CompassPoint assists nonprofits in development of leadership and management capacities.  It offers guidance to enable organizations to increase efficiency, become more adaptive, and to increase project impacts in order to better serve society. CompassPoint offers workshops, conferences, consulting services, and a variety of publications and research.  Leadership cohort programs target specific areas to benefit specialized […]

Resource Shout Out: Flavors

Friday, 1 February @ 2:39 PM

Today I am pleased to share a great modern resource that can be an effective tool for any person or organization wishing to expand and enhance their internet media presence:  Flavors. Flavors is a website creation tool that allows significant flexibility, incorporation of various social media applications,  and seemingly endless possibilities.  Better yet, the majority […]

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