Resource Shout Out: Flavors

Friday, 1 February @ 2:39 PM
Today I am pleased to share a great modern resource that can be an effective tool for any person or organization wishing to expand and enhance their internet media presence:  Flavors.
Flavors is a website creation tool that allows significant flexibility, incorporation of various social media applications,  and seemingly endless possibilities.  Better yet, the majority of Flavors’ services can be accessed without any monetary commitment.  Alternatively, upgrading to a Premium account with unlimited services and additional capabilities, such as mobile devices and analytic statistics.
I find Flavors to be a fine opportunity.  Browse through user webpages in the Flavors community to see a broad range of artistic profiles, personal webpages, professional profiles, and more, all developed and created by worldwide Flavors users all over the world.  Did I mention endless possibilities?
Aptly named, Flavors takes the hum drum of plain vanilla website creation tools to new delights by adding the spice of simplicity and a generous helping of individual oversight.  The tasty result allows Flavors’ users to produce straightforward websites that enable them to connect with new audiences through a variety of social media platforms.  Yum!
If you or someone you know are considering website creation but fear complicated code and formatting, look no further!
Flavors offers solutions, no prior experience required.

To explore Flavors in more depth, click here.  To add Flavors to your Philanthropegie Favorited resources or leave user feedback on this resource, click here.


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