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Friday, 14 December @ 9:53 AM

As a graduate student studying Public Administration, I recently had the opportunity to take a Nonprofit Leadership and Management course on Community Innovation.  This course expanded my perspective on a list of topics, one being corporate responsibility.  This prompted me to explore the list of Philanthropegie’s CSR resources, which led me to this week’s shout out: Companies for Causes.

Companies for Causes’ premise is that collaboration among multiple CEOs can create a collective impact greater than any single individual or corporation is likely to achieve.  This is powerful stuff!
The current project, serving D.C.’s Eastern Senior High School, is designed to celebrate student academic achievement, resupply the school with much needed books and supplies, communicate the importance of continued public funding and support for public school systems and much more.
CforC lists four key results of collaborative impact:
  • Nonprofits, and subsequently communities, have new or stronger connections to local companies
  • CforC has a clearer sense of collective potential
  • CforC has an overall strategic plan of action to help fulfill the collective potential
  • CforC has provided tools and approaches for members
One of my favorite attributes of CforC is that website users can submit proposals describing projects in their own communities that seek additional support or vision.  CforC then assists the submitter to bring CforC’s model to it’s area.
The result is expansion of CforC’s geographical notoriety in addition to a likely significant impact on the success of the proposed project or initiative.   And, implementation of the model promotes new corporate involvement in CSR.  You’ve gotta love CforC’s Win-Win-Win outcomes.  I do!

If you’re interested in reading more about this organization, adding it to your favorites, or leaving a review for other Philanthropegie users to learn about your experiences, click here.

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