Resource Shout Out: CompassPoint

Friday, 4 January @ 4:32 PM
CompassPoint assists nonprofits in development of leadership and management capacities.  It offers guidance to enable organizations to increase efficiency, become more adaptive, and to increase project impacts in order to better serve society.
CompassPoint offers workshops, conferences, consulting services, and a variety of publications and research.  Leadership cohort programs target specific areas to benefit specialized communities and are certainly worth a look.
You will find an extensive catalogue of upcoming workships on topics ranging from fundraising finance to boards and strategies.  There are several workshops offered as soon as this January.  If Oakland, California is accessible to you and you’re interested in continued development and improvement, CompassPoint might be just what you’re looking for.

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One thought on “Resource Shout Out: CompassPoint

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Jessica.

    I like reading your shout outs and getting your perspective on how these resources are helping people make the world a better place.

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