Angling for an Angle

Monday, 23 July @ 10:53 AM

The Internet was ablaze two weeks ago with video of an Afghan woman who was executed for alleged adultery. That week, I listened to a panel of experts discussing ending violence against women on The Diane Rehm Show on NPR. Additionally, the local NPR affiliate reported the same day that shelters for victims of domestic violence were fuller than would usually be expected at this time of year, a factor likely due to the economic downturn.

Between these two stories, you have the foundation for a media pitch for any non-profit that serves the interest of women. Angling for an angle often translates to creating a context for the story you’re trying to sell (and tell), which means making it worthy of telling today.

Do you have an expert that can discuss violence against women in other parts of the world versus the US? Can you address the domestic challenges for families from other cultures in the US? Can you offer tips to women on avoiding potentially violent issues? Can you tell the average viewer who wants to help how they can make a difference? Can you share an inspiring example of a woman who emerged from a similar situation?

Instead of shoving your agenda down the throat of the morning show producer, reposition your pitch to today’s news. They’ll be telling these stories already – how can you help tell them better?

One thought on “Angling for an Angle

  1. This is great, Ariel. I think we all focus so much on what we want to say that we forget to focus on what people want to hear.

    Your message helped me think about ways in which Philanthropegie can put our story in context and become more relevant to our desired audience.



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