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Why Does CSR Matter? Why Does It Matter Now?

Wednesday, 27 June @ 5:00 AM

Over the past few years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of companies publicizing that they support a cause. The environment, children and youth, education, access to food and clean water…the list goes on. Admittedly, it’s great to see all of this support for causes but the question it can get you wondering […]

It’s a Small World…Let’s Make it Smaller!

Saturday, 7 July @ 5:00 AM

I recently touched base with two good friends I hadn’t seen in a while.  Since I can’t help myself these days, I soon found myself talking about Philanthropegie and what we hope to accomplish.  Here’s why I’m glad that I did. Donna is launching a new nonprofit in Arizona to provide temporary care and adoption […]

Supporting Social Entrepreneurs

Saturday, 14 July @ 11:48 PM

There’s a new organization in Phoenix, Arizona called SEED SPOT that caught my attention and drew me deeper into the arena of social entrepreneurship.   SEED SPOT describes themselves as “an incubator in Phoenix, Arizona that supports early stage social entrepreneurs that are launching ventures that create a positive impact in the lives of people […]


Saturday, 21 July @ 5:51 PM

We have all been there.  You are sitting comfortably on your couch and you are watching your favorite late night movie channel.  It is time for the commercial and staring back at your from your 54” flat panel screen is a sad looking puppy. You know what is coming next.  They need your help.  They […]

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