Integrate kids into your giving program

Friday, 13 July @ 12:00 AM

My favorite story about giving occurred just after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.  We had been threatened with more than one hurricane in Tampa that year and my daughter, who was 7 at the time) was glued to the TV watching the news.  After hearing about all the loss and devastation, she turned and looked […]

How To Engage Children in Philanthropy?

Tuesday, 21 August @ 4:56 PM

I am blessed to have two very loving, caring and thoughtful daughters.  While I always enjoyed the time we spent together as a family in philanthropic endeavors – what’s been most heart warming is to see how connected they are with opportunities to give back as young adults. This is one of the reasons why […]

Resource Shout Out: Spark Action

Friday, 31 August @ 1:24 PM

Spark Action is a great organization that advocates to the national community for children and youth.  The organization’s mission has four main components: Connect interested adults and younger citizens, regardless of knowledge on youth issues, to stories, context, accurate information, and tools for action; this encourages increased involvement and engagement so that connected individuals may […]

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