25,000 Days

Monday, 14 January @ 7:28 AM

The average person will have 25,000 days on this planet.

That number varies a great deal by where you live and how you live… but in the end, it’s not up to you.

What is up to you is how you choose to spend the days you do have.

Everyday we make decisions about how we spend our time, talents and money.  For many in developed countries, these decisions are focused on our pursuit of wealth, power, possessions…and a good time.  It seems that we always want “more.”

It’s easy to get caught up in the pursuit of “more.”  Trust me, I have way more than I need…and I could quickly make a list of “more” that I want.

I wonder what would happen if we changed our focus to having “less?”  I’m not talking about getting rid of possessions  – though another trip to the local Goodwill is probably in order for me right now.  The “less” that I am talking about is:

  • less poverty;
  • less suffering
  • less starvation;
  • less despair;
  • less human trafficking;
  • less environmental carnage;
  • less violence;
  • less…

How differently would we spend our time, talents and money if “less” was high on our list or priorities?

I have met a lot of people through my work at Philanthropegie that clearly have “less” as their top priority.  It is truly inspiring.

25,000 days.  Think about it.




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