A Snoball’s Chance in…

Wednesday, 29 August @ 6:51 PM

You know how a snowball grows as you roll it in the snow?  Well, that’s how I think about growing donations through some of the great new sites that help you organize and magnify the impact of your donations.  What I like most about these sites is that they are leveraging social media for a great cause – yours!

As a quick introduction to these sites, let’s focus on Snoball.com.  When you create a Snoball account, you have the ability to pledge to over 1.7 million nonprofits – and you can pledge in really creative (and engaging) ways

Snoball’s platform then takes over and triggers the specified donation for the time limits set up in the pledge.  How cool is that?.  Let’s say you’re a sports fan – you can pledge to donate $1 to your favorite charity each time your team wins or scores a touchdown or… you get the idea.

I love the way this easily connects philanthropy with other passions that individuals have in life.  Now you can feel good about your team winning and the good you’re doing in the world.  And, think how easily this can be leveraged in social media?

  • Nonprofits can pick up on a supporters Snoball (or start their own) and encourage other supporters to join in.
  • Friends can set up Snoball competitions between favorite teams.
  • Organizations can coordinate team competitions based on performance goals.
  • The list goes on…

As the Snoball site describes, “Snoballs can be tied to virtually any sports statistic, social media event, entertainment, or even the weather. Every user defined Snoball can be shared across social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare, encouraging friends to support the cause or create their own parameter for giving. As snoballs get shared among users, donations begin to grow virally generating the snoball effect. By providing an opportunity for millions of users to make smaller, more-frequent donations, Snoball has the potential to radically change the way charities and nonprofits operate. An influencer, such as a celebrity, can leverage the Snoball platform to ask fans to join them in giving to a favorite cause. In addition, the Snoball platform provides centralized management and reporting of charitable donations for tax purposes.”

We’re finding more and more sites like these that help individuals, organizations and nonprofits facilitate donations.  Check them out with these links:

Nonprofits                 Organizations                 Individuals

Have fun playing in the snow.

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