All eyes are on Tampa for the RNC and Isaac

Saturday, 25 August @ 4:51 PM

Living in Florida is a little like spending 365 days a year on vacation.  We have 330 days of sunshine and there is nothing as beautiful as our sunrises and sunsets, particularly if framed by palm trees.

I live in a marina community known as Palm Bay and today, the view is tranquil, a slight breeze blowing the palm trees.

The tranquility is about to be disrupted from two fronts.  Tropical Storm Isaac is threatening to intensify to a Hurricane and for those that haven’t experienced one, it can look daunting.

We will have 50,000 of those people arriving in town today and tomorrow for the Republican National Convention.  While the RNC delegates will largely be transported by bus, we are still expecting major disruptions in traffic, particularly with Isaac coming to town at the same time.

But while all eyes are on Tampa, life goes on and we continue our focus on giving and how we can leverage our knowledge and our resources to help others.

As you may have noticed, this week, we have begun posting the Uncommon Giving radio show broadcasts on Philanthropegie.

If you want to access all of the shows, you can go directly to BlogTalkRadio.  Just click on the image to the left and you can browse through all of the shows, including yesterday’s interview with ABC’s Secret Millionaire, Steve Kaplan.

Next Friday’s interview is with Recording Artist & Author – Taja Sevelle – Urban Farming. She will talk about the creation of urban gardens is providing an abundance of food for communities around the world. The organization has over 59,000 registered gardens in more than 40 cities, and continues to grow along with each garden it plants.  Click HERE to set a reminder to listen to the show next Friday at 11am ET.



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