ATTN Nonprofits: New YouTube Channels Coming Early March 2013

Tuesday, 26 February @ 7:00 AM

YouTube has begun rolling out a new YouTube Channel design entitled One Channel to a very small small group of YouTube users. A sitewide roll out is expected in early March. The new design offers much less customization, but enables more efficient browsing of your videos and the channels that you are subscribed to, and is more tailored for smartphone and tablet video watching. To prepare in advance for the new YouTube Channels, nonprofits will need to design a new banner. To keep it simple, YouTube has released new Channel Art Guidelines that indicate a banner that is in the “Safe Area” i.e., 1280 x 350 pixels, will be visible on all devices: desktop, tablet, smartphone and TV.

New YouTube One Channel Design :: Home View :: SORTED Food
Please note the ability to embed your website links in the lower right of your banner and the new video and subscription activity feed on the left side of the screen.


New YouTube One Channel Design :: Discussion View :: SORTED Food
Ignore the trolls. YouTube has the worst of them.


New YouTube One Channel Design :: About View :: SORTED Food
Friends are back. They’ve been hidden for a couple of years.


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