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All eyes are on Tampa for the RNC and Isaac

Saturday, 25 August @ 4:51 PM

Living in Florida is a little like spending 365 days a year on vacation.  We have 330 days of sunshine and there is nothing as beautiful as our sunrises and sunsets, particularly if framed by palm trees. I live in a marina community known as Palm Bay and today, the view is tranquil, a slight […]

Uncommon Giving-Author, Steve Berry preserves the past because History Matters

Thursday, 30 August @ 3:45 PM

One estimate is that there are more than 1,700,000,000 rare and unique books, periodicals, and other documents currently contained in collections around the world, at least 16% of which, 270,000,000, are endangered because of poor conservation.  Of the estimated 21,000,000 paintings, sculptures, and decorative art now in those collections, 26%, 5,500,000, are threatened. What if these […]

No Inhibition in your Giving

Saturday, 1 September @ 2:15 PM

The topic of this blog is about integrated giving.   Giving comes in all forms.  We can give of our time, our talent and from our treasures. Today, a dear friend of mine got to the end of a very long journey and launched her very first CD.  The title of that CD is No […]

Uncommon Giving-Rodger Roeser-Give Away Your Work & Grow Your Business

Thursday, 6 September @ 5:19 AM

What do agencies and non-profits need to know to be more successful? Rodger Roeser is the president, owner and founder of Cincinnati, Ohio’s premier PR firm, The Eisen Agency. Roeser believes that a strong community begins with leaders of organizations who lend their time and talent helping those in need achieve something greater. Every member […]

Leaving a Legacy

Sunday, 9 September @ 5:01 AM

This morning, with the backdrop of a classic Florida thunderstorm, I was quietly reflecting back on the last month.  As you may know, I have lost two industry colleagues in that time and at their memorial services there was a lot of talk about the legacy that each of these men left behind. On my […]

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