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So Thankful

Thursday, 22 November @ 9:18 AM

We have so much to be thankful for this year. Our dream of making a difference by helping other’s make a difference became a reality this year.  And we simply couldn’t have made it happen without your help. Together, we’ve built a powerful collection of philanthropic resources and begun to spread the word to people […]

How do you define success?

Monday, 26 November @ 5:16 PM

I had a great mentor many years ago named Harry.  Though it’s been almost 30 years, I can still remember one of our conversations in particular – about the importance of defining success. Harry shared a story about an old friend of his who had joined AT&T at the same time he did.  He shared […]

The Gift of Being Cared For…and Cared About

Monday, 3 December @ 1:41 PM

One of the many blessings in my life has been the opportunity to spend a lot of time around young people all over the world.  I love seeing the world through the eyes of children of all ages.  Other than here in the U.S. the place I’ve spent the most time with children is in […]

Take a Year Off… To Change the World

Saturday, 8 December @ 7:57 PM

Have you heard about Fuse Corps? I just read about them in a Cause Cast blog post by Ryan Scottand have already reached out to see if they would like to become a part of what we are doing at Philanthropegie.  This is such a great example of the new ways that people are finding to […]

Making money…to make a difference.

Tuesday, 18 December @ 7:59 PM

Whether an organization has it’s roots in making money or in making a meaningful difference in the world, I love seeing new ways in which these aspects of doing business come together. I’m sure you know of organizations that find great ways to give back through support of volunteer efforts and charitable donations.  And if […]

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