Take a Year Off… To Change the World

Saturday, 8 December @ 7:57 PM

Have you heard about Fuse Corps?

I just read about them in a Cause Cast blog post by Ryan Scottand have already reached out to see if they would like to become a part of what we are doing at Philanthropegie.  This is such a great example of the new ways that people are finding to help make a difference in the world.Here’s what Fuse Corps says in their “about us” section:
“We provide opportunities for entrepreneurial professionals to spend a year helping governors, mayors and community leaders across America drive meaningful social change.  We identify concrete projects in local communities that address a national priority (such as education, economic development or health care).  We then recruit and deploy highly-skilled and passionate professionals to help develop and implement innovative and lasting solutions.”

Some of Fuse Corps participants (Fellows) receive a $90,000 stipend, others are “on loan” from their company.  Supported by Fuse Corp’s efforts to educate and connect with influential leaders, participants work on initiatives on a local level that have the potential for national impact.

What I love about this?

  • We have a new way to bring together people who are uniquely qualified to make a significant difference in the lives of others;
  • Individuals are taking advantage of the opportunity to step back from their careers to do something truly meaningful;
  • Organizations are stepping up to support efforts like these by loaning their “stars” to the program;
  • Leaders are supporting the program through donation of time, talent and money.
  • Lives are being changed.

As Ryan Scott says, “More than just another blip on the corporate philanthropy map, Fuse Corps might well represent the future of community engagement.”

Know of other great community engagement stories?  Let us know?


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