Integrate kids into your giving program

My favorite story about giving occurred just after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.  We had been threatened with more than one hurricane in Tampa that year and my daughter, who was 7 at the time) was glued to the TV watching the news.  After hearing about all the loss and devastation, she turned and looked […]

Control the Message: The TomKat Factor

Ariel Herr — Media Strategist, Hargrove Partnership

How can I not post this week without a word about the scandalous break-up of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (I’m not saying it’s surprising)? In every story I’ve read and conversation I’ve had on the topic, the Church of Scientology has emerged as a major factor. Why? Because you just don’t know. I assume […]

Blog Talk Radio – “Uncommon Giving”

Ric Leutwyler — founder and president, Philanthropegie

You are probably familiar with Chicke Fitzgerald through her blog posts about Integrated Giving.  Well, Chicke invited me to join her for the inaugural edition of her new Blog Talk Radio show, “Uncommon Giving.” I enjoyed the opportunity to share more about the history, intent and future of Philanthropegie.  I hope you enjoy it. Ric […]

It’s a Small World…Let’s Make it Smaller!

Ric Leutwyler — founder and president, Philanthropegie

I recently touched base with two good friends I hadn’t seen in a while.  Since I can’t help myself these days, I soon found myself talking about Philanthropegie and what we hope to accomplish.  Here’s why I’m glad that I did. Donna is launching a new nonprofit in Arizona to provide temporary care and adoption […]

Turbulent times call for Integrated Giving

Recovering from a Donation Crisis In my last blog, I talked about the turbulent times that we find ourselves in as a country and more personally, in my own life.  That turbulence on a national level has created a donation crisis for many organizations. Like many other non-profit organizations and foundations, if you are facing […]

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