Turbulent times call for Integrated Giving

Friday, 6 July @ 5:00 AM

Recovering from a Donation Crisis

In my last blog, I talked about the turbulent times that we find ourselves in as a country and more personally, in my own life.  That turbulence on a national level has created a donation crisis for many organizations.

Like many other non-profit organizations and foundations, if you are facing a crisis in your current donation strategy, it is time for what I have coined as an integrated giving strategy.

The new strategy begins with looking at those you draw on for donations as “givers” rather than “donors”.  Giving sounds like more fun than donating, don’t you think?

Integrated giving means first looking at the whole person that has a heart for giving.  It even extends beyond the individual that you may already know as a past, present or prospective donor or volunteer, to their whole family and their extended family/friend network.  Even if they don’t have money to write a check, adopting an integrated giving strategy encourages charities to look at what else these “givers” do that could benefit your organization.   Charities have done this for years with volunteering of time and talents or the donation of goods, in lieu of cash.

Quite simply, an integrated giving strategy describes an organization tapping into the daily lives of those that they touch to find new and innovative ways to support their charities and foundations.

This strategy goes way beyond direct cash donations, to new ways to generate money for your cause through the people you already touch — even when they are wearing their own version of a Scarlet “B”.

Sharing the details of implementing this giver-centric strategy with 501c3 organizations and foundations will be part of my own contribution to the Philanthropegie network.

The Power of Integrated Giving

This column will be dedicated to telling the stories of organizations that have proven methods of tapping into the power of integrated giving – non-traditional, uncommon ways to raise money for various worthy causes and initiatives.

I look forward to sharing my continued journey on this front, with my new company, Rock the World Enterprises and our Traveling to Give product. I look forward to hearing about organizations that have developed other innovative tools and programs and those that have successfully increased your per capita donations through innovation.

In August I am also launching a radio program on BlogTalkRadio.com to interview those “Uncommon Givers”.   Stay tuned for more information on the schedule for the show and how to submit your nomination for your favorite giver, for either a story on this blog or for an interview on my new show.

Until then, keep giving of your time and your talents, as well as your treasures and help me think outside the box about integrated giving.

2 thoughts on “Turbulent times call for Integrated Giving

  1. Thanks for sharing this fresh perspective regarding ways in which integrated giving can become a more integral and important part of the nonprofit – supporter relationship.


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