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Monday, 7 January @ 6:56 AM

I first came across Business Fights Poverty last year while looking into resources for our “organizations” audience on Philanthropegie.  This is a great organization that connects people who have a passion for fighting poverty through business.

Their weekly newsletter highlights top stories from their site – and introduces a new “member of the week.”  It’s a great way to keep up with new developments in the area of businesses using their resources to make a meaningful difference in the world.

I’m pleased to report that Philanthropegie is highlighted in this week’s issue of Business Fights Poverty – Top Stories newsletter.  You can check out our story right here.

Once you’re on their site, check out all the great information and think about signing up for the weekly newsletter.  Here is a snapshot of information about this great organization.

Business Fights Poverty can help you…

  • Engage with the right people.

“Business Fights Poverty is a great website to learn about other initiatives happening in the area of inclusive business and to connect with others working in this field. For me it is like LinkedIn but much more focused. It brings together people passionate about their work and this is very inspirational.”

  • Keep your finger on the pulse.

“Business Fights Poverty gives you a chance to find out what you don’t know – and what you didn’t even know you don’t know! There is also a lot of value in being able to bounce ideas around and get different perspectives from people who share your interest and may have faced similar challenges.”

  • Get resources to help you deliver.

“I use Business Fights Poverty to make connections. It is a great mechanism for reaching out to people who are interested in this space. Through Business Fights Poverty, I have found both networking opportunities and potential partners for some of our projects”

I especially like the “Knowledge Zone” section where you can find highly relevant information grouped into categories like:

  • Africa
  • Education
  • Enterprise
  • Impact
  • Nutrition
  • Post – 2015
  • Visionaries

Of course, you can also learn more about Business Fights Poverty on Philanthropegie.

Do you know of other great resources for individuals who are trying to make a difference through the businesses they work for?  Please let us know?





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