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Made to Give

Saturday, 11 August @ 7:07 PM

One of my favorite books of all time is the Go Giver, by John David Mann and Bob Burg. This is an allegorical novel aimed at business professionals, but I think there are lessons for all of us.  In fact, there are five laws outlined in the book, known as the Laws of Stratospheric Success. […]

Are you stuck in your approach to fund raising? Is it time to diversify?

Saturday, 18 August @ 9:20 PM

Many non-profit organizations have their tried and true approaches to fund raising.  Whether it is planned giving, annual telethons, fund raising events, a pledge program, grants or posting a DONATE NOW button on your website, it may be time to step back and look at a more diversified approach. While donors may write checks to […]

A Snoball’s Chance in…

Wednesday, 29 August @ 6:51 PM

You know how a snowball grows as you roll it in the snow?  Well, that’s how I think about growing donations through some of the great new sites that help you organize and magnify the impact of your donations.  What I like most about these sites is that they are leveraging social media for a great […]

No Inhibition in your Giving

Saturday, 1 September @ 2:15 PM

The topic of this blog is about integrated giving.   Giving comes in all forms.  We can give of our time, our talent and from our treasures. Today, a dear friend of mine got to the end of a very long journey and launched her very first CD.  The title of that CD is No […]

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