One Percent

Tuesday, 22 January @ 7:20 AM

I am sure that yesterday’s inaugural messages were taken in very different ways by people here and all over the world.  One thing I hope was taken the same is the message, we are all in this together.

What seems to most often stand in the way of solving our problems is that we focus much more on our differences than on the solutions.  In doing so, we often over complicate matters…making solutions even harder to find.

Here is a simple solution…to a lot of problems.  Commit 1% of your time to helping others.  Period.

I took that pledge this weekend – to commit 1% of my time to service hours this year.

This challenge was put forward by GOOD as part of their ongoing efforts to connect people with opportunities to make a difference.  You can learn more about it here.

Come on… take the challenge… and spread the word.

The collective impact of everyone investing 1% of their time, talents, ideas, energy and heart on helping others would be… immeasurable.


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