The Donor Engagement Playbook – Seven Tips to Increase Donor Engagement For Your Non-Profit

Friday, 27 July @ 6:41 AM


With the economic downturn, non-profit organizations around the globe are looking for new ways to increase donations.  Rock the World Network has released a 7-step white paper that will help increase reach and engagement, both online and in real life.

July 26, 2012- Tampa, FL   In the face of reduced donations, non-profit organizations worldwide have a common goal — attracting new donors and engaging them in supporting their cause.

Over the last decade, the introduction of social media has made it easier for these organizations to spread the word online, to increase support. However, according to Yankelovich Consumer Research, we are bombarded with over 5000 advertising messages per day. Whether delivered online or through traditional media channels, some of these messages are relevant and welcomed, while most of them are simply seen as noise, or worse, as spam.

The Donor Engagement Playbook outlines how to break through the clutter and maximize a non-profit organization’s reach, moving up the Donor Engagement Ladder™.

Getting past spam and noise to communication that yields a response is the first step.  Moving on to dialogue with potential supporters and conversation about the cause is a pre-requisite to the next stage.  The referral rung of the Engagement Ladder is where trust is demonstrated.  And the Playbook cites that “trust is foundational to building reputation and lifelong relationships”.  That is where sustainable giving happens.

Non-profits bring communities and people with shared beliefs together to accomplish a common goal.  With increased support, these organizations stand to make a significant difference and help their chosen causes.   Rock the World’s Donor Engagement Playbook outlines the steps that an organization can take to improve engagement across channels.

Noted multi-channel engagement expert, Chicke Fitzgerald, is the author of the complementary Donor Engagement Playbook.  In it she describes the importance of first understanding your reach.  “In a multi-channel world, the size of your donor list is no longer the sole predictor of your reach. It is however a starting point in determining the number of people in your current universe and it is the foundation for what we call the ‘Real Life’ side of the equation”.  Fitzgerald is the co-founder and CEO of the Rock the World Network.

The white paper is available at or can be obtained by clicking the image above.

For more information about the Rock the World Network, please visit our website at

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