Uncommon Giving- Drew Harding, Joan and Tom Wright: Senai Global-Climb for a Purpose

Saturday, 6 October @ 10:28 AM

Hear the account of Joan & Tom Wright’s recent trek to the top of Africa’s highest peak for Senai Global: Climb for a Purpose– a charitable climbing expedition up Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money and awareness to support efforts for safe water in Africa’s most impoverished communities. “Senai Global is a perfect example of an organization helping transform the people of Africa from victims of circumstance to victors of hope and change,” stated Joan Wright. “This climb represents every step of the way the struggles of survival that those at the base of the mountain must overcome.”

And live from South Africa…..Drew Harding, founder of Senai Global. The couple’s mission work is how they were first introduced in 2008 to Senai Global’s founder, Drew Harding, who grew up in Africa helping his father bring water to the most rural Ethiopian communities.

To hear the interview on Uncommon Giving click on image to the left.

Growing up in a rural village of Ethiopia from the age of five, Drew Harding learned the importance of compassion and service. His dad served as a water engineer and missionary in a rural community called Yirga Cheffee, about 8 hours south of the capital city of Addis Ababa. There Drew was entrenched in the language and culture of Ethiopia. He learned to speak Amharic, eat the local dish of injera-ba-wat, and drink the finest coffee. The privilege of seeing lives changed through the provision of water left an indelible impression on him.  This experience, and his desire to go back and make a contribution to the land that he came to love, provided the platform from which SENAI would be launched. He founded Senai Global to connect African people in need to African people with paths to resources through entrepreneurial enterprise.

For more information go to: http://www.senaiglobal.org/

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