Uncommon Giving-Leslie Crutchfield: “Do More Than Give”

Saturday, 17 November @ 7:41 AM

More than $300 billion in the U.S. alone is donated annually to nonprofits, and the number of private foundations has doubled in the last two decades as community foundation numbers have tripled. But experts question whether the billions backed by good intentions have made the most possible difference or effectively solved problems. If donors want to achieve more, they need to do more than give.

Inspired by the bestselling book Forces for Good, “Do More Than Give” is about how high-impact donors catalyze change in the world. While it’s a book about philanthropy, the authors don’t focus on how to give away money. Donating is an important starting point but not the end point.

In good economic times or bad, this book provides guidance for givers to increase the impact of their charitable resources and go beyond check-writing to help solve problems and change the world.

Leslie Crutchfield is an author and a leading authority on scaling social innovation and high-impact philanthropy. She is a Senior Advisor at FSG, a nonprofit consulting firm specializing in social sector strategy, evaluation and research. Her previous book, Forces for Good, was recognized in The Economist on its list of Top Business Books of the Year. She speaks on high-impact philanthropy, adaptive leadership, effective nonprofit management, social entrepreneurship, and women’s leadership.

To hear Leslie Crutchfield’s interview on the Uncommon Giving show click on image.

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Leslie’s website is http://www.fsg.org/

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