Uncommon Giving-Sherré DeMao, Steve Canton & Greg Rankich: The Link Between Giving & Profitability

Sunday, 2 December @ 8:56 AM

Sherré DeMao is founder and Chief Marketeer of SLD Unlimited Marketing /PR, Inc., an award-winning strategic consulting, marketing branding and public relations firm. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs prosper in life and in business, and has dedicated her 27-year career to this purpose.

CEO’s Steve Canton (iCore networks, Inc.) and Greg Rankich (Xtreme Consulting Group) are featured in her book- 50 Marketing Secrets, specifically, because of their “Giving DNA”.  Both of their companies engage their entire employee force into the giving process and dedicate a percentage of overall profits in excess of six figures.

Steve Canton is a nationally recognized expert in the telecommunications and data networking fields, having served in various senior management and director roles for the most respected companies in the industry.

Greg Rankich has led Xtreme Consulting Group from its inception and is responsible for the overall operations, creation and development of the corporate marketing & strategies, employee program & communication.

To listen to the show click on image to the left.

Sherre’ DeMao’s website is http://www.sldunlimited.com/savvyteam.html

To order Sherre’s book click HERE

iCore Networks, Inc. website is http://www.icore.com/

Xtreme Consulting Group website is http://www.xtremeconsulting.com/


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