We Can Do More

Monday, 4 February @ 7:24 AM

Matt Lauer interviewed Bill Gates on The Today Show last week – talking mostly about the impact of work done by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. As they spoke about the billions of dollars already invested in helping people around the world, Bill Gates was quick to say “we can do more.”

Matt helped create some relevance for the rest of us by sharing his belief that “the average person out there is generous… they want to be philanthropic but they can’t afford a lot.”  When Matt asked what the person with only $10 to give can do to make a difference, Bill was quick to share the names of a few great sites including Donors Choose.  


It was great to hear Bill Gates talking about one of the resources we highlight on Philanthropegie.  And I’m hopeful that there has been a lot more traffic to the Donors Choose website since this interview.

What then struck me is how many other great resources there are on Philanthropegie that the “average person” could use to be philanthropic.

I’m pretty sure the “we can do more” theme hit home with me a little differently than what Matt & Bill intended.  While I couldn’t agree more that we all can (and should) do more to help those in need here and around the world – my attention was drawn to the more that we can (and must) do at Philanthropegie.

  • We can do more to bring people together with all the great resources available to help them help others;
  • We can do more to inspire individuals and organizations to make giving back a priority;
  • We can do more to help nonprofit and other social good organizations achieve their missions of helping others.

What is on your “we can do more” list?


Here is a link to Matt Lauer’s interview with Bill Gates –  We Can Do More

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