Where or where could your story go?

Tuesday, 21 August @ 9:18 PM

I’ve talked about keeping your eye out for stories that may relate to your area of expertise in general media, but we haven’t discussed the invaluable media that actually understand your area of expertise. These are the trade, vertical or specialty media that cover what you do everyday. Rather than writing about a geographic area, like the Seattle Times covers Seattle, these outlets focus on specific areas, going more than the proverbial inch deep and a mile wide.

For the nonprofit world, there are a slew of publications that focus on philanthropy. A simple Google search, or better yet, a session in a media database like Meltwater Press, Cision or Burrelle’s LUCE, will allow you to identify magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs or shows that cover “philanthropy.” Some will have the actual word in their name, i.e. The Chronicle of Philanthropy; others will be identified by a description addressing their coverage of philanthropy, i.e. Contributions Magazine.

Additionally, you’ll want to identify media that cover the topics your nonprofit addresses. For example, if you deal with women’s issues, identify publications about and for women. Animal and Christian publications also have many dedicated media, while more niche topics will at least have outlets that cover the broader spectrum of that industry. For example, Nation’s Restaurant News would be appropriate if you have a restaurateur on your Board or conduct some aspect of your business in a restaurant setting.

The point is, you want to cast a wide net, but you want it to be tailored to those that have already demonstrated an interest in what you do by the nature of what they do. And that is where your story could go.

One thought on “Where or where could your story go?

  1. Practical and valuable information, Ariel.

    Like you, I’ve seen people who seem to focus their time and energy on the wrong audience. We are gearing up for our first media outreach in September – and we will make sure to vet our list based on the great advice you provide in this post.


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