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Do videos make a difference?

Wednesday, 10 October @ 8:23 PM

Can videos make a difference?  I sure hope so. We just launched our first video – an introductory piece to help people understand just what Philanthropegie is and does. Producing a video is an interesting exercise.  There are quite a few important choices to make. How long?  We targeted 90 seconds – long enough to […]

Uncommon Giving- Steve Kaplan From Self-Made to Secret Millionaire

Thursday, 11 October @ 8:48 AM

In his mid-twenties, Steve hit his first big success with a marketing company called SCA. He didn’t have any business mentors or financial backing, so Steve learned on the fly. Possessing street smarts, a ton of passion, a solid work ethic, and of course some luck, Steve lived the trials of the small business owner. […]

Teaching Moments

Tuesday, 16 October @ 9:02 PM

The fundamental challenge to promoting a cause is trying to educate about the need for action. One of the first philanthropy enthusiasts I met when I came to Dallas had started by raising both funds and awareness for neurofibramatosis. I confess I still don’t have a clear understanding of neurofibramatosis, but I remember he was […]

Uncommon Giving-Andrew Watt: National Philanthropy Day, A Celebration of Giving

Saturday, 27 October @ 11:23 AM

  National Philanthropy Day, November 15, acknowledges the entire spectrum of services provided by the nonprofit community and recognizes the profound impact that philanthropy has on the fabric of society. And, each year AFP honors individuals and groups who, through their hard work and dedication, have enhanced philanthropy, their communities and the world. What makes […]

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