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Making News Out of Nothing at All

Monday, 30 July @ 10:01 PM

One of the most oft repeated statements heard in PR meetings to clients is that “what you consider as ‘nothing’ may actually be news we can pitch.” It sometimes takes the brashness assertiveness of a media whore professional to help an organization see what news opportunities are available to them. For example, the lowest hanging fruit may be […]

Celebrating Champions

Tuesday, 7 August @ 7:45 PM

The Olympics give us so many reasons to celebrate. Most obviously is the champions that win the gold medals, beating the competition to earn glory and a reward for years, even a lifetime, of hard work. There’s also the celebration of pure physicality. The beauty of seeing the human body, stretched to its limits, on […]

Preventative Screening

Monday, 13 August @ 4:31 PM

Ric mentioned the January 2012 controversy at Susan G. Komen in response to my earlier post about Penn State’s PR nightmare. The issue we discussed at the time related to public reaction after Komen cut funding for breast cancer screening to Planned Parenthood, which ignited a media firestorm, and affected donation and participation levels nationwide. Since […]

Where or where could your story go?

Tuesday, 21 August @ 9:18 PM

I’ve talked about keeping your eye out for stories that may relate to your area of expertise in general media, but we haven’t discussed the invaluable media that actually understand your area of expertise. These are the trade, vertical or specialty media that cover what you do everyday. Rather than writing about a geographic area, like […]

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