Resource Shout Out: Spark Action

Spark Action is a great organization that advocates to the national community for children and youth.  The organization’s mission has four main components: Connect interested adults and younger citizens, regardless of knowledge on youth issues, to stories, context, accurate information, and tools for action; this encourages increased involvement and engagement so that connected individuals may […]

Uncommon Giving-Author, Steve Berry preserves the past because History Matters

One estimate is that there are more than 1,700,000,000 rare and unique books, periodicals, and other documents currently contained in collections around the world, at least 16% of which, 270,000,000, are endangered because of poor conservation.  Of the estimated 21,000,000 paintings, sculptures, and decorative art now in those collections, 26%, 5,500,000, are threatened. What if these […]

A Snoball’s Chance in…

Ric Leutwyler — founder and president, Philanthropegie

You know how a snowball grows as you roll it in the snow?  Well, that’s how I think about growing donations through some of the great new sites that help you organize and magnify the impact of your donations.  What I like most about these sites is that they are leveraging social media for a great […]

Understand Your Audience

Ariel Herr — Media Strategist, Hargrove Partnership

Technically your audience is the people you’re trying to reach via the media, but it’s hard not to consider the reporters, producers, bloggers, etc. you’re targeting as your main audience. They are your first point of contact in trying to reach the broader audience that will respond to your message or call to action. With […]

All eyes are on Tampa for the RNC and Isaac

Living in Florida is a little like spending 365 days a year on vacation.  We have 330 days of sunshine and there is nothing as beautiful as our sunrises and sunsets, particularly if framed by palm trees. I live in a marina community known as Palm Bay and today, the view is tranquil, a slight […]

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