Resource Shout Out: Creating the Future

Creating The Future’s mission is to assist in transitioning the societal perspective so that dramatic community improvements become normalized behavior by the actions of social enterprises, non-profit organizations, and benefit groups throughout the world. This organization has a fantastic handle on the powers of technology.  Through its use of the internet to regularly host engaging […]

Uncommon Giving: Guest Ric Leutwyler

Ric Leutwyler is the founder of Philanthropegie. He was our guest on Uncommon Giving on BlogTalkRadio on Friday, July 26th. Listen to the interview:  Philanthropewhat?  by clicking on the image at the left. Philanthropegie provides easy access to thousands of valuable resources available to people who want to make a meaningful difference in the world. […]

Where or where could your story go?

Ariel Herr — Media Strategist, Hargrove Partnership

I’ve talked about keeping your eye out for stories that may relate to your area of expertise in general media, but we haven’t discussed the invaluable media that actually understand your area of expertise. These are the trade, vertical or specialty media that cover what you do everyday. Rather than writing about a geographic area, like […]

How To Engage Children in Philanthropy?

Ric Leutwyler — founder and president, Philanthropegie

I am blessed to have two very loving, caring and thoughtful daughters.  While I always enjoyed the time we spent together as a family in philanthropic endeavors – what’s been most heart warming is to see how connected they are with opportunities to give back as young adults. This is one of the reasons why […]

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